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General inspections and wheel alignments are all well-known aspects of a car maintenance. But, often, car owners neglect the smaller parts that play a crucial role in both driver and passenger’s safety while on the road.

Just like how you maintain your car, it is also essential to take good care of your vehicle’s windshield. Stone chips and cracks make the crystal clear windows less than perfect and lead to replacements.

Here are a few tips to maintain your car glass:

  • Clean regularly:

It is not just the dirt that sticks on the windows. Tree sap, bird droppings, and hard water spots cling to the glass. Even if it is bright and clear, there can still be a sparkling glint on the windshield. So clean your car glass in and out with a high-quality car glass cleaner kit.

Be gentle with your car glass. Do not use any hard objects to clean them.  Use soft clothes or towel to dust and wipe the windows. Regular cleaning will not only keep the glass crystal and clear but also increases the lifespan of the glass.

  • Replace your wiper blades:

Wipers can wear and tear out with minimal cause. Wipers are also important for the car glass.  So try to wipe off the wiper blades daily. It will help prevent them from rusting.

Replace wipers if it is worn out. If it is ignored, your car glass may have scratches that cannot be fixed. In such case, it leads to a full car windscreen replacement Sydney.

  • Keep distance from traffic in front of you:

When you drive on the highway or less-refined gravel roads, maintain some distance from the vehicle in front of you. That vehicle’s tires may kick up small gravel and pebbles, and those little pebbles may cause fine chips in your windscreen.

Over time, the chips may turn into cracks and again the only option is cheap car windscreen replacement Sydney.

  • Repair stone chips right away:

If the tiny chips on the car glass are left unaddressed, the small stone chip can crack and spread. As a result, instead of repair, you may need to replace it. Car glass repair shops perform glass chip repairs free if you have insurance. Remember, a chip repair is more cost-effective than car windscreens replacement Sydney.

Windscreen repair takes only 40 – 60 minutes. If you do not have time to take your car, call professionals. Many are ready to visit your place and get it fixed.

  • Avoid parking in direct sunlight:

Though it is unavoidable, try to find a covered space to ensure your car glass is protected. Having your car parked in direct sunlight for a long period can fade window tint as well. It happens because the UV rays of the sun oxidise glass, causing discolouration and bubbling.


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