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A study suggests that the windscreen degradation may impair the driver’s perception creating gradual degradation on driving safety. The windscreen that acts as a protecting layer in a car has to be maintained properly. Even a tiny chip in your car’s windshield will pave the way for a disaster while driving. Once you discover a chip do the windscreen replacement Sydney as early as possible. A damaged windshield is dangerous to both the passengers inside the car and the persons driving nearby the vehicle. A chip or crack occurs at different shapes and sizes. This blog gives you a detailed explanation of the types of cracks that are possible in a windshield.

Structure of a Windscreen

A windscreen consists of a plastic layer sandwiched between two layers of glass. This arrangement helps to prevent the shattering of the glasses on the occurrence of any damages. Mostly, the chances of incidence of damage in the outer glass are higher than the inner one. Based on the type of damage or crack, the car glass repair Sydney has to be done.

Causes of Windscreen Damage

In general, some of the impairments on the windscreen can be prevented by adhering to few precautions while few others are unavoidable, for which windshield repair Sydney is the only solution. The following are the reasons behind your windscreen damage,

  • Improper Installation – Poorly installed glasses will be loose and will vibrate, thus developing cracks.
  • Abrupt Pressure Or Temperature Changes – Sudden pressure or temperature changes, either gives rise to expansion or contraction of the glasses
  • Driving on a High Gravel Content or Debris Road – While driving in a gravel road your car tyres spin the gravels that can hit your windshield, damaging it.
  • Steering Behind The Construction Vehicles – When you drive behind the trucks that carry construction items, there is a chance of occurrence of detriment to the glass.
  • Climatic Conditions – Hailstorms and extreme sunlight develops a negative impact on your windshield.

Types of Cracks and Chips

The kind of cracks or chips developed is differentiated based on the place where the object hit the windscreen. A crack is developed as a chip expands. The following are the types of the most common types of a windshield crack and chips,

  • Pit – A missing piece of glass in the windscreen is called pit or divot.
  • Bulls-Eye – Bulls-eye is caused due to the rocks of larger scale and if the size of the bulls-eye is huge then windscreen replacement Sydney is the only solution.
  • Half Moon – The impact will not be in a circular pattern like the bulls-eye.
  • Combination Break – More than one impact point with different damages leads to combination break.
  • Crack Chip – Crack chip will be in a quarter in sizes.
  • Edge Crack – Edge crack starts within two inches of the windscreen edge, extends to the side of the glass.
  • Floater Crack – Floater crack are formed in the middle of the windscreen.
  • Long Crack – Long crack is more than six inches in length.
  • Star Break – Star break from due to a chip that creates star-like pattern.
  • Stress Crack – Stone cracks occur due to the sudden variations in the temperature.

Thus based on the damages, repair the windscreen as quickly as possible.

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