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For most of the car owners, vehicle maintenance is a hassle, and no one wants to deal with. However, when things go amiss, there is nothing as bad as a cracked windshield. Though windscreen crack is one of the most common issues, it can be frustrating, as it leads to an expensive repair or windscreen replacement in Sydney.

There are so many unpredictable situations in which damage can happen to your vehicle. Windscreen damages are the worst and if it is not fixed immediately, not only your safety is compromised, but also you will be fined if the chip or crack is in your line of sight while driving.

In Australia, it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a cracked windscreen. So, never ignore windscreen damages. Come on let’s explore more about the common causes of windshield crack.

Stones and debris

It is common for stones, gravel, and pebbles to be thrown by the tyres of other vehicles on the road. These solid components can easily cause cracks and chips to the windshield. On the other hand, the road debris can get caught into the thread of tyre, and when the tyre starts rotating, the stones bounce and hit the screens of cars. You can avoid this by reducing the speed, especially when another car or truck is overtaking your vehicle. Even the tiniest can easily expand, and you will end up having to replace the entire glass.

Faulty installation

Windscreen plays a crucial role in a car’s safety system. They support the roof in case of an accident. This is why windscreens are installed using a strong adhesive. However, if there is a manufacturing defect in the glass or poor quality, structural pressure can cause them to crack. The edges of the windscreen are always the weakest and more prone to breakage. So, when it comes to car windscreen replacement in Sydney, always approach a professional who is specialised in windscreen repair and service.


Extreme temperature including hot or cold can cause the windscreen to crack because the glass itself can expand in extremely hot temperatures and contract in the cold. As a result, it can cause stress on the windscreen and can weaken it over time. Therefore, avoid parking your vehicle under direct sunlight for long hours. Park your vehicle in the garage or parking area.

Mother Nature

Thunderstorms can blow the debris from the road and can hit the car glass. Hail or chunks of ice can also hit the car glass and cause a chip or crack. Hurricanes cause weather-related damage so try to park your vehicle in the garage or covered area to prevent it from getting damaged.

Although prevention is better than cure, there are times when things can go wrong beyond taking preventive measures. If it happens, make sure to contact an auto glass specialist for cheap car windscreen replacement in Sydney.

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